Morocco was one of our favorite trips. We loved it! Food was great and meeting Paula was a great perk. We even visited her in California with our daughters who are also foodies. I remember seeing the goat in the kitchen, it was so cute.

I would go back in a heartbeat. Rod and I believe we should travel while we still can (we're old) and yes, visiting helps the locals. Living with the aftermath of Maui, they need visitors to help the economy. We have a friend who is a chef who trained with Ming Tsai and moved back to Maui. He lost his home and the restaurant he was chef at. Despite all he works every day cooking and helping to feed others. At least all his family is safe and well.

We say, travel, explore different cultures and get to know the locals. It enriches your life! Looking forward to traveling next year. Ardi & Rod

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Great piece, all the more reason to travel to the places we love that need our support, investment and tourism.

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